Fall 2016 Cover Story:

Lorraine Vassalo looks out her office window beyond the brackish Avon River toward the expanse of North Mountain. Around her on the Avon Peninsula sprawl 23 bountiful acres of grape vines. This is no small scene. But it’s the top-half of the portrait that really makes it—the sky. Today, a calm grey stippled with darker streaks.

“Remarkable” is one word Vassalo has for it, a view tremendous enough to inspire the name of her business and second career—Avondale Sky Winery.

It was in 2008, after retiring from a career with the provincial government, that Vassalo and her husband, Stewart Creaser, leapt into the wine business. Despite a shared passion for all things red, white, and rosé, buying a vineyard was a personal and professional stretch—like nothing either of them had done before. 

Vassalo’s 1990 Masters of Business Administration in finance helped, especially the focus on entrepreneurship. Owning a winery “was something that really grabbed…


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