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A Mission to Include All

By Erin Elaine Casey | fall 2017

Imagine you’re a proud dad to a new baby daughter. You’re taking a lunch break during a conference and you overhear a conversation that shakes you to the core. Using “unbelievably deplorable and awful words,” two men sitting near you are talking about how having children with special needs in the classroom is bad for their own daughters’ education.

This happened to Saint Mary’s…

Out-of-the-Box Research Has Big Impact

By Lezlie Lowe | fall 2017

University research often gets a bad rap for being out of touch with the lives of everyday folks. But the work of four Saint Mary’s faculty members, profiled here, flies in the face of that. The applied fieldwork and experiments of these professors, and their students, proves that research can make a difference in the areas of local food, disease diagnosis, and rural sustainability. The applied…

New Inductees to the Sport Hall of Fame

By Gail Lethbridge | fall 2017

They were the little football teams that thought they could.

And they did. Big time.

The Saint Mary’s Huskies football team conquered Canadian varsity football, winning Vanier Cup, two years in a row in 2001 and 2002.

In Canadian university football, it doesn’t get any bigger.

It’s been said more than once, by more than one person, that the 2001 team—with…

A Most Promising Quartet

By Renée Hartleib | spring 2017

If there’s one thing that these Saint Mary’s newest alumni have in common, other than exceptional academics and extremely well-rounded resumes, it’s that each one is uniquely inspiring. All four are not only poised to make a huge impact, but are actively welcoming the opportunity to make the world a better place. Keep your eye on these four names in the years to come!


Home Away from Home

By Lezlie Lowe | spring 2017

Joann Boulos-Callias’s best spot when she attended Saint Mary’s was the glass-enclosed catwalk between Loyola Academic and McNally.

“My favourite, favourite place,” she says. “When the sun was out, it would get so warm.”

Warmth was one part of what Boulos-Callias was looking for in 1978 when she ventured from Antigua and Barbuda to Halifax for her Bachelor of Arts…

Exciting Scholarship Opportunity for students from Antigua and Barbuda

By Joanie Veitch | spring 2017

The importance of getting a good education was modeled early in Lady Williams’s (BA’86) life. The Saint Mary’s graduate was born in Antigua and Barbuda, but moved to Ontario with her family at age three so her parents could continue their studies—Carleton University for her father and Ryerson Polytechnic, now Ryerson University, for her mother—before moving back to Antigua.


Saint Mary’s EMBA Program

By Renée Hartleib | spring 2017

In the late 1980s, Linda Moxsom-Skinner had three small children and a full-time job. She hadn’t had a chance to finish high school or complete an undergraduate degree, but had landed a good position in the Advancement department of Dalhousie University. She knew that in order to grow her career she would need to further her education. 

Enter the brand new Saint Mary’s Executive MBA…

Warm Welcome for New Vice-President of Advancement

By Renée Hartleib | spring 2017

Erin Sargeant Greenwood arrived in Halifax in early February, just before a slew of winter storms saw closures across the province. “Although it might have seemed like it, I did not bring the snow from Ontario,” laughs Sargeant Greenwood, the University’s new Vice-President of Advancement.

Born and raised in Central Ontario, in the Kingston area, Sargeant Greenwood completed her…

Diversity and Inclusion

By Kate Watson | spring 2017

In the fall of 2015, Sarah Jamer, BComm’16, had an eye-opening experience. She and 29 other female student leaders from post-secondary institutions across Canada were invited to be part of the inaugural BMO Millennial Advisory Council. 

The Council was formed as a joint initiative between the Bank of Montreal and Catalyst Canada—the leading non-profit organization advancing women…

Words from the Roundtable

By Suzanne Robicheau | spring 2017

Immigration and innovation were the hot topics on January 26, 2017, when Saint Mary's welcomed government Ministers Navdeep Bains, Lena Diab, BA’85, Scott Brison, and Ahmed Hussen to a roundtable discussion that included faculty, staff, students, members of the University’s Board of Governors, and external stakeholders.

“It was an historic event that gathered together a wide cross…