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New Dean at the Sobey School of Business

By Kate Watson | fall 2018

When Dr. Harjeet Bhabra received his first degree from the Indian Institute of Technology 35 years ago, he didn’t imagine he’d be leading a life in academia. Instead, he set out on a career in naval design engineering. However, when finance began to interest him, he applied to an MBA Program in Bangalore, which eventually led him to the University of Missouri, Columbia, and a PhD in Finance.


In It For The Long Ride

By Joanie Veitch | fall 2018

Gavin Giles is a successful litigation lawyer with more than 30 years of experience. He’s also raised more than $250,000 on the Multiple Sclerosis Bike Tour, and has received a distinguished service award for his commitment to the Canadian Red Cross Society, an organization he now heads up as their national chair.

Yet when asked what he’s most proud of, Giles fumbles for words. “I’m…

Blazing the Way for Women in Hockey

By Renée Hartleib | fall 2018

The year was 2015, and Cari Duggan had just scored an exciting new role with Canadian Blood Services as a lead negotiator. This was a dream job, one that the SMU grad had been building toward for years. But before she’d even settled into the new position, something happened that would change not only the course of Cari’s career, but her entire life.

Returning from a family trip to Florida…

A Passion For Education

By Joanie Veitch | fall 2018

The story of how Jillian Gibson came to be the Director of Philanthropy at Saint Mary’s University began last spring with two phone calls—one from her niece in the Bahamas, the other from a recruitment agency.

Her niece was calling about her university plans. It had long been understood that she would come and live with the Gibson family in St. John’s, Newfoundland where she would…

Celebrating 50 Years of Co-Education

By Renée Hartleib | fall 2018

It was September of 1968, and Frances Murdock (nee Kelly) was just about to turn seventeen. She was enrolled at Mount St. Vincent University and discovered that the textbooks for her Fall term courses were in short supply. She and a few friends set off for the Saint Mary’s Bookstore to see if the missing titles were available there.

“Little did we know, SMU had just announced it was…

Opening Doors and Making Connections

By Erin Elaine Casey | fall 2018

When Signa Butler BA’96 Hons ’98 and Paul Bromby BA’99 meet in the halls of the Canadian Broadcasting Centre in Toronto, it’s like a family reunion. “Whenever we run into each other in our building, it’s a huge smile, a big hug, some kind of dance move or something,” laughs Signa. “There’s a certain unspoken understanding east coasters have.”

CBC News Network sports…

From Rival to Ally

By Jordan Whitehouse | spring 2018

When Scott Gray became Saint Mary’s newest Director of Athletics and Recreation in November, it was almost 25 years to the day that he helped beat the Huskies in the Vanier Cup as a football player with the Queen’s University Golden Gaels. “It’s funny how the world works,” says the 1993 Queen’s Arts and Physical Education grad. “You never know where you’re going to end up.”


A Measured And Disciplined Voice Stands Out

By Erin Elaine Casey | spring 2018

“Learning has always been important to me,” says Eric Miller. Both his parents went to Saint Mary’s, so when a high school visit to the political science department grew into a BA in Political Science with first class honours, it wasn’t exactly a surprise. “I identified with the world views of people like Dr. Ron Landes and Dr. Don Naulls,” he explains, remembering two favourite professors.…

Dual Business Degree Gives Students an Edge

By Renée Hartleib | spring 2018

Seventy-eight students living in Zhuhai, China, who have never been to Halifax, are poised to join the ranks of Saint Mary’s alumni. How is that possible, you ask? Well, thanks to a special partnership between Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (BNUZ) and Saint Mary’s, these students will graduate with a rare and prestigious double business degree from both universities.

This unique…

An Open Door for Indigenous Students

By Lezlie Lowe | spring 2018

Raymond Sewell has a brimming schedule in his role as the university’s first full-time Indigenous Student Advisor, but you can be sure that he’s always got the door wide open for anyone who needs him. From his office at the Saint Mary’s Burke Building, he gestures to the swell of students passing by. “They come in and tell me about their day and get the support they need,” says the 34-year-old…