Find out what other alumni from our year are up to. If you would like your snippet included in the next issue email us.

Find out what other alumni from our year are up to.

John "Jackie" Barrett

Graduation Year: 1998

John "Jackie" Barrett, BComm’98 was a finalist for the 2015 "Lou Marsh Award,” recognizing Canada’s top athletes. During the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles, he won three gold medals and one silver medal, and also set Special Olympics World Games Records in the Squat and the Deadlift.

Heather A. Kernahan

Graduation Year: 2002

In September of 2015, Heather A. Kernahan BA’02 was appointed President of Eastwick, a communications firm in San Francisco, California. She has been with the company since 2013, and under her leadership, Eastwick has achieved record year-over-year growth, industry recognition, geographic expansion, integrated service offerings, the launch of a CMO-in-residence program, and the addition of many blue-chip clients across the technology sector.

Matthew Moore

Graduation Year: 2005

Matthew Moore BComm’05, partner at Moore Suites has recently purchased a property on Coburg Road in Halifax with his father and brother. They are seeking approval to build approximately 30 units that will house students and executives. With over 50 furnished apartments available for nightly and monthly rental in downtown Halifax, their apartment rental business has also recently expanded to Toronto, Calgary and Oslo, Norway. Matthew says he feels grateful to Saint Mary's for giving him the tools needed to succeed in business!

Kevin Fallis

Graduation Year: 2012

Kevin Fallis BA’12 has recently secured employment with the New Brunswick Department of Education after working as a language assistant in Quebec for two years and presenting at several educational conferences. He is now slowly learning how to speak French! 

Micah Brown

Graduation Year: 2013

Helsinki Rooster’s Quarterback Micah Brown BA’13 led his team to victory at the Maple Bowl in Finland last September. With this win, he became only the second quarterback in European major league football to win two titles in the same season in Europe.

Devin Aalders

Graduation Year: 2010

Devin Aalders, CA (BComm’10) is now an audit manager with Rector Colavecchia Roche Chartered Accountants in Dartmouth, NS. The firm's partners, Lawrence Roche, CA BComm’86, MBA’97 and Steven Gray, CA BComm’00, are pleased to have another Saint Mary’s grad join their team.

Daniel Broadley

Graduation Year: 2007

Daniel Broadley Crim’07: I had not been back to visit the campus since I graduated until last summer when my wife and I made a trip out east to visit the university and see Halifax. It was an amazing feeling being back on campus. It felt like home. My wife was seven months pregnant when we visited. So, obviously we ended up going to the bookstore and bought some souvenirs for myself and our baby. My wife and I had a healthy baby boy, Colton Broadley. He is now eight months old. We took these photos a couple months ago when he was able to fit into the clothes we bought him 

Dr. Carolyn G. Thomas

Graduation Year: 1994

Dr. Carolyn G. Thomas BA’94 has been made a Paul Harris Fellow of the Rotary Club International. Nominated by the Dartmouth Rotary Club and recognized for friendship and volunteer activities/service to the world. The awards ceremony took place at the Ramada Inn in Dartmouth, NS.

Michael Whitlock

Graduation Year: 1985

Michael Whitlock BA’85 is the Adult Clinical Services Supervisor with Community Mental Health—Richmond Centre in Charlottetown.

Bruce Densmore

Graduation Year: 1980

Bruce Densmore, CPA, CA BComm’80, MBA’90 was
recently elected president of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nova Scotia and chair of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Nova Scotia.