Find out what other alumni from our year are up to. If you would like your snippet included in the next issue email us.

Find out what other alumni from our year are up to.

Robert LeBlanc, BSc’71 BEd’73 BA’73 MA’76

Graduation Year: 1971

Following sixteen years teaching science at Halifax West High School and adjunct professor at SMU, Dalhousie and MSVU, Bob was appointed Director of P-12 Curriculum and Programs by the Dr. Savage government with responsibilities for restructuring Nova Scotia’s education system in 1993. Following this assignment, Bob formed Robert LeBlanc and Associates in 2001. As CEO, Bob served as Senior Adviser to Ministries of Education on four continents (Africa, Europe, Asia, North America) with emphasis on Institutional Strengthening, System Restructuring and Entrepreneurship and acted as a Consultant to Universities in the Middle East, North America and Australia providing assistance in evaluation of education programs and efficacy of management systems. As an Education Policy Writer, Bob’s writings have been published internationally in English, French, Arabic, Sinhala, Tamil and Slavic. Returning to Halifax after working in more than thirty countries, Bob retired and is living in the South End. He published his first novel,  Cage the Park,  followed by a memoir,  In the Wilderness of Mirrors, and a second novel,  Jury of One Thousand, that will be published summer 2020.