Find out what other alumni from our year are up to. If you would like your snippet included in the next issue email us.

Find out what other alumni from our year are up to.

John Read, BComm’05

Graduation Year: 2005

John Read BComm'05 runs a small publishing company producing space exploration books targeted at youth aged 10 and up. His most recent release, written by his wife Jennifer Read (who works at the Saint Mary's University Writing Centre), is called "50 Animals That Have Been To Space" in partnership with Formac Publishing. 

The book is available on Amazon in paperback, hardcover, and ebook form. However, without reviews generated primarily by launch events, the book is struggling to gain traction online. 

We promise, your kids will LOVE this book. If you purchase this book on Amazon, please write a short review (even, "Great book"). That would really help us out. 
 If you'd like a free ebook edition, please "like" the  50 Animals That Have Been to Space Facebook page, and they'll provide instructions on how to download a free copy.  

The book can be found here:   


Jarvis Googoo, BA’05

Graduation Year: 2005

On August 18, 2018 at GoodLife Awards Gala in Toronto, Ontario, Jarvis Googoo BA’05 was one of six recipients of the Group Fitness Instructor of Excellence Awards (country-wide out of an estimated 3,700 instructors). He’s the first Mi’kmaw to achieve this. These awards are given to Group Fitness Instructors who demonstrate great commitment and dedication for the Group Fitness programs at GoodLife Fitness.

Kitrina Godding

Graduation Year: 2005, fall2016

Kitrina Godding BSc ’05 embarked on a unique adventure with the Sedna Epic Expedition in Iqaluit this past summer. The Katujjiqatigii expedition, led by one of Canada’s top explorers, Susan R. Eaton, united a team of volunteer female ocean explorers with the local Inuit community for ocean research. One of 12 female ocean explorers from North America, and the only Maritimer on the trip, Kitrina brought her background in Geology, Geography, Marine Geomatics, and youth engagement to the team.

Matthew Moore

Graduation Year: 2005

Matthew Moore BComm’05, partner at Moore Suites has recently purchased a property on Coburg Road in Halifax with his father and brother. They are seeking approval to build approximately 30 units that will house students and executives. With over 50 furnished apartments available for nightly and monthly rental in downtown Halifax, their apartment rental business has also recently expanded to Toronto, Calgary and Oslo, Norway. Matthew says he feels grateful to Saint Mary's for giving him the tools needed to succeed in business!

Jarvis Googoo

Graduation Year: 2005, fall2014

Jarvis was recognized with an Instructor of Excellence Award for GoodLife Fitness (HRM), and named one of Top 20 instructors for GoodLife Canada-wide. He is also considered one of the Top 500 Performing Associates.

Sebastian “Seb” Clovis

Graduation Year: 2005, fall2014

Seb debuted his new home reno show Tackle My Reno Tuesday, August 26 on HGTV. The pro-football-player-turned-contractor will be coaching overwhelmed homeowners in fixing their home-renovation disasters.