Find out what other alumni from our year are up to. If you would like your snippet included in the next issue email us.

Find out what other alumni from our year are up to.

Ossama Nasrallah, Omar Hassan, BComm’18, BComm’16

Graduation Year: 2018, 2016

Ossama and Omar are co-owners of Harbour Watercraft Tours & Adventures. The company provides a niche, fun and entertaining activity to the Halifax Harbour, offering Sea-Doo rentals and guided adventure tours. 

The Harbour Watercraft Tours & Adventures partnered with Square Roots, a vegetable bundle program, to deliver free food bundles to people in need. This month we have delivered more than 10,000 lbs of food to people who were most at risk all around the Halifax municipality. We do the deliveries in two steps. First, we deliver the vegetables from the farm to the Square Roots franchise locations for sorting and then we deliver the sorted bundles to people’s doorsteps.

Tim Cranston

Graduation Year: 2016

Tim Cranston MTEI’16 was awarded 2016 Nova Scotia Discovery Award for Science & Technology (Innovation Category).

Len Canfield

Graduation Year: 1965, 1966, fall2016

Len Canfield Dip Journalism ’65, BA ’66 is a Life Member of the Canadian Public Relations Society-NS. Len’s long-standing commitment to CPRS was recognized recently, when fellow alumni Pat Brownlow BA ’68, also a CPRS life member, presented him with the Society’s 50-Year Membership Certificate. Len was in the last Saint Mary’s graduating class (’65) of the former joint School of Journalism of King’s, Saint Mary’s, and Mount Saint Vincent Universities.

Blair Beed

Graduation Year: 1977, fall2016

Blair Beed BComm '77, author of Titanic Victims in Halifax Graveyards, was a special guest at the 2016 joint Nomadic and British Titanic Societies Convention in Belfast, UK. His latest book is Mersey River Lodge - A Window on History and Nature (with photographs by David Burns and Farhad Vladi), published by Nimbus. Blair continues to volunteer with the restoration of Saint Patrick's Parish in Halifax and is a regular history guest on Rogers Radio.

Jenine Arab O’Malley

Graduation Year: 1986, fall2016

Jenine Arab O’Malley BSc ’86 was awarded the 2015 Progress Club Women of Excellence Award - Wellness and Sport, in recognition of her valuable professional and community accomplishments.

Brenda M. Hogan

Graduation Year: 1991, fall2016

Brenda M. Hogan BComm ’91 was appointed co-chair of Canadian Women in Private Equity. She is also the recipient of the 2015 Amethyst Award, which recognizes outstanding achievements by Ontario Public Servants. Brenda received the award in recognition of her work as a Senior Investment Manager with the Ontario Capital Growth Corporation for helping to transform the province’s venture capital program from one reliant on tax credits to one driven by market-based returns. 

Liette Doucet

Graduation Year: 1991, fall2016

Liette Doucet BEd ’91 was recently elected President of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union.

Veronica (Gorin) Walters

Graduation Year: 1996, fall2016

Veronica (Gorin) Walters BComm ’96 completed her Juris Doctor at the University of Victoria in December 2014, and was called to the Bar of British Columbia on 1 March 2016. Veronica says that the donairs in Victoria don’t match Halifax’s; she has run into quite a few SMU alumni on the other coast!

Sulayman (Saul) Bah

Graduation Year: 1999, fall2016

Sulayman (Saul) Bah BA ’99 visited Nova Scotia and Saint Mary's for a week this past June and had a chance to catch up with past professors. Saul was a member of the first graduating class of the Saint Mary’s University Extension Program (UEP) in The Gambia in 1999. As one of the UEP’s most outstanding students, Saul graduated with a major in Mathematics and was awarded the Ken Dunn Memorial Award as the top Math student among the graduates. Dr. Art Finbow was one of his teachers. Saul worked for a number of years with the Gambia Ports Authority and is currently teaching in the engineering program of Saskatchewan Institute of Technology in Saskatoon. 

Kitrina Godding

Graduation Year: 2005, fall2016

Kitrina Godding BSc ’05 embarked on a unique adventure with the Sedna Epic Expedition in Iqaluit this past summer. The Katujjiqatigii expedition, led by one of Canada’s top explorers, Susan R. Eaton, united a team of volunteer female ocean explorers with the local Inuit community for ocean research. One of 12 female ocean explorers from North America, and the only Maritimer on the trip, Kitrina brought her background in Geology, Geography, Marine Geomatics, and youth engagement to the team.