“I give because I believe in Saint Mary’s University.”

Kim Squires BA’81 BEd’82 MBA’88

By Maroon & White | spring 2020

Senior Director of Human Resources Kim Squires has a long-standing relationship with Saint Mary’s. For over 40 years, she has been active within the university in several different capacities as a student, employee, volunteer, and fundraiser.  

“I’m passionate about Saint Mary’s,” Squires says. “I feel a strong connection. I believe in the mission, the people, and the direction we’re going.” 

Squires began her journey at Saint Mary’s as an undergraduate in the 1980s. As she worked towards obtaining her BA in Psychology, she always made time to participate in extra-curricular activities. “I’ve always been involved,” she recounts. “I sat on food committees, was active on my floor in residence, played intramurals, donated to projects, and later joined the Alumni Council.”  

After obtaining her MBA from Saint Mary’s, Squires joined the university as an employee working in annual giving and has remained engaged ever since. Over the years, she has held a variety of positions leading to her current role as the Senior Director of Human Resources. “I’ve been at Saint Mary’s a long time. It’s a great place to work and study,” she says. “The people truly make the place what it is. We’re a family.” 

In the 1980s, Squires began supporting Saint Mary’s when she purchased a brick as part of a fundraising drive for the Homburg Centre and she continues to give to this day. “Giving feels good and it’s important to do so. I believe everyone has a role to play, small or big,” she explains. “It’s feeling some connection to the cause which is key, whatever it may be.” 

When Squires reflects on her time at Saint Mary’s, it holds a special place for her. “Saint Mary’s has been a big part of my life. In fact, it changed my life,” she says. “The university and the community mean a lot to me.” Her involvement continues to grow as she contributes both time and money as well as actively attending university events. 

“I will continue giving because I feel we’re on the right path,” Squires explains. “I feel like I’m part of something special — our community and our future.” 

Campus Notes: “I give because I believe in Saint Mary’s University.”

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