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Find out what other alumni from our year are up to.

Blair Beed, BComm’77

Graduation Year: 1977

Blair is the recipient of the 2019 Community Service Award from the Charitable Irish Society of Halifax for preservation and presentation of local and Irish history. 

Blair Beed, BComm

Graduation Year: 1977

Blair Beed BComm77 was a guest speaker at the British Titanic Society Convention in Southampton, England in April with the topic 'Halifax Canadian City of Sadness and the White Star Connections.' Afterwards, he treated himself to a 30-day trip around the UK to mark his 40-year graduation anniversary from Saint Mary’s, and was in London the day of the car attack on Parliament. Luckily, Blair had made a left turn instead of a right just moments before and missed the tragic events by a hair. The next day, he joined thousands of others at a vigil in Trafalgar Square. This December, he will speak at a number of events to mark the 100th Anniversary of the Halifax Explosion.

Blair Beed

Graduation Year: 1977, fall2016

Blair Beed BComm '77, author of Titanic Victims in Halifax Graveyards, was a special guest at the 2016 joint Nomadic and British Titanic Societies Convention in Belfast, UK. His latest book is Mersey River Lodge - A Window on History and Nature (with photographs by David Burns and Farhad Vladi), published by Nimbus. Blair continues to volunteer with the restoration of Saint Patrick's Parish in Halifax and is a regular history guest on Rogers Radio.