Our Fall 2017 Cover Story:

They were the little football teams that thought they could.

And they did. Big time.

The Saint Mary’s Huskies football team conquered Canadian varsity football, winning Vanier Cup, two years in a row in 2001 and 2002.

In Canadian university football, it doesn’t get any bigger.

It’s been said more than once, by more than one person, that the 2001 team—with its perfect season—was one of the best varsity footballs teams ever produced in Canada. The Saint Mary’s Huskies scored the national championship when they beat Manitoba in 2001 and then they did it again in 2002 when they were victorious over Saskatchewan. Not bad for a little school from Halifax.

“It was the Saint Mary’s era and the Saint Mary’s aura,” says player Cartier Shields, recalling his years on those teams. “We were like a fine diamond in the rough. And under all that pressure that diamond shone.”

So what is it that propels a small university…


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